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  • Easy order entry & catalog browsing: Sana Mobile 01-02-15

    Sana texts and navigation trees will by default inherit from the default language. When installing a language pack there is no need any more to copy Sana texts and navigation trees from the default language to the installed language. With this improvement you can get online with a new language within seconds.

  • Join our events this year 01-02-15

    By organizing and attending industry events, we like to share the most recent developments and opportunities related to integrated e-commerce. During these events you will get new ideas and meet experts in the industry who can talk about the opportunities and challenges of e-commerce. For an overview of the events, go to www.sana-commerce.com/events.

  • Sana certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV & AX 01-02-15

    Sana Commerce is certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV & AX, which signifies that the solution has met Microsoft's highest standard for partner-developed software. By successfully meeting all certification requirements, Sana Commerce now carries the distinct certification.

Chargement en cours
Chargement en cours